Monday, March 26, 2007

Tchelinux's Software Libre Seminar in Pelotas

IMHYBO (In my humble yet biased opinion) it was a great success!

We had around 300 people attend, collected around 600Kg of food for those in need, and everyone had a great time organizing, presenting and attending talks. I was really impressed with the interest of the participants, and the age distribution. It was really great to see talks about fairly complicated subjects, such as steganography, virtualization and internals of the linux kernel being attended by both fairly young and fairly "experient" :) people.

Personally, I barely looked at the slides for my talk about the workings of the TCP/IP and networking in general inside the kernel. The audience had so many questions and comments that the talk was more of a guided tour, with their questions leading the way.

I want to present my deepest THANK YOU to Marilton, from UCPel, who got us all the infrastructure we needed for the event, in such short notice. I don't think there was a single problem or issue throughout the whole day.

And of course, THANKS to all my friends at TcheLinux! If we keep on maintaining such great quality at our events, we're surely going to make people understand what the spirit of Software Libre is all about. We just gather together and make things happen, no frills or large egos to stand in the way, and in the end everyone wins.


leoboiko said...

We had around 300 people


Tonight we dine churrasco… IN HELL!

(sorry, sorry, can’t help it. I’m sorry)

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AAAHhhh it all makes sense now. :) Sorry!

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Good post.