Thursday, July 07, 2005

God is Z

One day the young apprentice approached the Master and said:

"Master, if I take zero to mean evil, darkness and ignorance, and one to mean good, light and understanding, does that make God a flip-flop?"

The Master contemplated the question for a clock cycle and said:

"My young padawan, if you take zero and one to be your relatives, that makes your own mind to be the flip-flop, constantly bouncing over a series of random-looking bits, ever further from the quietness of the idle loop. God, on the other hand, or the absolute, mind you, is then the high-impedance state. Neither good nor bad specifically, but either good or bad when it comes to be."

Upon hearing this the apprentice was enlightened.


Luciano Sky said...

The coffee-master says: That depends on where you eat. If you go too much to the Green Poncho, you only get the 0's.

Unknown said...

Hmmm the idea of only getting the 0's makes me consider stuck bits. One could say daemons are bits stuck to 0, and angels are bits stuck to 1. Either one is incomplete, mind you, and exist solely in a causality relation to the other. Hey, someone has to set some standards, right? :)